1005.1007 Fold Organic Vapor Odor & Particle Protective Mask(Ear type)

1005 KP90  Filtration efficiency above 90%

1007 KP95  Filtration efficiency above 95%

● Low respiratory resistance,comfortable,folding design,easy to carry;Soft,smooth, good fitting and sealing;

● Especially suitable for the mist, PM2.5, SARS and influenza and other respiratory disease protection。

● Use imported high efficiency electrostatic consumables material,has a special activated carbon to remove odor.Respiratory protection for oily particles,non oily particle and viral microorganisms;

● Apply to mine, coal, steel, electronics, metallurgy, casting, grinding, construction, medicine and other industries.

● In line with GB-2626-2006 standard,have China LA & QS certification.

● Package: 2pcs/bag,50pcs/box,500pcs/ctn.

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