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2009 NH-219 Silicone Antigas Mask + 3# Filter box

Ring head belt design, more suitable for wearing safety helmet on operating environment, keep more durable of polyester spandex elastic belt;

●Small size silicone mask,exterior compact,good sight,can be used with many kinds of filters, advanced liquid silicone, lightweight,good fit,soft,comfortable,anti-aging,easy to disassemble and clean;

●With a 3# filter box to prevent organic gas or steam,for example,benzene and it’s homologous ,aniline, gasoline, acetone, carbon disulfide, alcohols, ether, aldehyde, carbon tetrachloride, three potassium chloride, celfume, methyl chloride, nitrobenzene,  nitroalkane, chloropicrin;

●In line with GB 2890-2009 Standard,have China LA and QS certifications;

●Package:1set/box  36set/carton

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