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9006 NH-9006 Silicone Full Face Mask(Double boxes,Thread interface)

●Silicone material: soft,durable,anti-aging,suitable for wearing long time,especially skin allergic person;

●Mask structure is simple and lightweight:unload filter box,to clean and dry it.

●The bottom with a microphone:easy to use,and communicate with each other on work;

Five points headband can be adjusted:fit,solid and durable;

●Good eyeglass:high performance polycarbonate material,anti scratch,anti mist,anti impact. It has high optic degree and clear;

A film on eyeglass:can be replaced any time,mask will be used for more times,down cost;

●Interface for international standard:can connect with airway tube,air respirator or other air sources;

●Can connect with gas filter box and cotton filter box,as protective poison gas mask or dust proof mask;

●In line with GB 2890-2009 and GB 2626-2006 standard,have Europe CE certification and China LA & QS certifications;



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