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8009 Silicone Protective Mask,High efficient Filtration,Luxury,Low resistance,Clasp interface

Advanced liquid silicone is soft, comfortable, and suitable for long time wearing, high temperature resistance and anti-aging.

Buckle structure, convenient and quick to change filter box and filter cotton.

Four valve design, patented products, low resistance, more than 20% lower than the similar imported products.

Double exhalation valve design, nasal and oral exhalation valve, reduce the hot air circulation in the cavity, more comfortable. The upper valve is concealed and the lower valve cover is protected, which is not easy to be polluted. Easy to disassemble and clean.

The head hoop head shape design is suitable for Asian head shape wearing. It is more suitable for the working environment of wearing helmet. The polyester polyurethane elastic belt has more lasting elasticity.

It can be connected with filter box and filter cotton as anti-virus or dust mask.

Comply with GB 2890-2009 standard and GB 2626-2006 standard, and obtain China La certification and QS certification.

Appearance patent: 201630548543.7

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